Bone Toss

One of my favorite methods of forecasting or talking to the dead is called bone casting. Sounds easy enough but when casting, you want to make sure you get an even enough spread of the items to see what’s going on. This is a sample of a weekly read I gave most recently…

After taking a quick glimpse, we go to the bracelet and those items that are inside/touching for the immediate message. Please note that while there are definite items within, there are a string of items that circle round.
IN the bracelet it a large coin; I had no idea this coin would even fit within the bracelet. 🤭 Under the coin and bracelet are the legs of the voodoo doll (which is you) and overtop all that a coffin nail and touching is a stone.
These immediate items suggest that this week your finances are nailed down, blocked, and have restricted your movement (your legs are pinned). At least you are not covered up, just immobilized. This rings true for most of us, I believe.
The shiva linga stone is at the nail head and says that your creativity has nailed down your money. This is key and you can see it (cat's eye shell to the right of the key). Two on the die, sitting between the cat's eye and the wishbone shares that you have a choice to make between what you see (what is right before you) and what you wish for or wish to be true. Pay attention to this (bell) as it is what holds your passion (baculum). This baculum always reminds me of the integral as used in Calculus; an integral helps one to see a certain equation within a specified time or in Geometry, can help you to calculate the area of a complex shape.
The baculum brings us right back to the bracelet. Your passion is tied to your money. In these trying times I have to ask if you are able to turn your passion, what you wish were true, into a source of money that will release you; maybe not a billion dollars but help to unpin you.

Bones aren’t the only ‘thing’ one can read; I have several item sets and various reading cloths that can be used to find ancestral blocks or challenges that are carried down, etc. You can even read using items in your pockets or the bottom of your purse…. unless you are like me and that is just is chapstick and a penny. LOL


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