Its the question that drives us...It's the question that brought you here.
~Trinity from the Matrix

What is it you really want to know?  No need to hem and haw about it, what do you want to know?   The better framed or specific the question, the more specific the answer or advice.  Avoid the following conjunctions in your question: if, but, and.  A good question will ask for details or results (outcome).  For example, “if I ask Betty out, will she say yes?”  That is two, yes/no questions.  The better expression of what you want to know is, “what is the outcome of my asking Betty out?” Think about this.  How will the answer change your actions?

Readings show the outcome with the highest potential; you are able to change the outcome with a single decision. Free will – gotta love it!

I am a cartomancer, energy worker, and a medium; NOT a mind reader (my daughters didn’t know that but then they also thought I had eyes in the back of my head!). I use the images printed on card stock to relay the message from your higher self or from others.


Depending on your choice, you are purchasing a digital file of your reading, which includes a detailed write up of your reading and a photograph of the card spread, or a Google Meet call where you and I talk about what’s important to you.

Below you will find several offerings, each has their strong point and you have to decide how much info, or not, you want.

Disclaimer: Readings are for entertainment only and are not a substitute for legal, professional, or medical advice. There are no guarantees or refunds offered. All sales are final.


Lenormand or Kipper

Prefer Something More Personal?

Using Google meet, you and I talk about what’s important to you using the system best suited.


I use several different tarot decks, including the Jean Noblet Tarot de Marsaille deck. Your read is a three card Major’s only read with possible extra info available (depends on how the cards fall). I’ve used this read for all question types.

Book a Read

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